Now, That’s What I Call The Power Of Masterminding!

It’s four in the morning. As I stood in my terrace I think of my last day. Probably it was the best day in the last month. My soul soaked in every ounce of the sweetly cold, gentle breeze. Never had my mind been so clear before. As I kept staring at the white full…

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Seriously, Keywords Suck!

Why the hell should I cram my blog posts with nonsensical keywords just to make it easier for The Mighty G-bots to look up for my write-ups? They say putting up keywords is critical for your business write-ups to rank high in Google. They might be true. I’m not challenging them nor am I denying…

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Getting It Right The First Time Is A Curse!

So, around 1 pm I got back from gym today and my Facebook messenger app beeps. I had just gotten a message from a friend in my business community. He and I had joined this community together, November 2015 to be exact. But on this journey to freedom I’m way far behind him! I started…

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13 Valuable Business Lessons Learned From A Road Side Vendor

Eagerly waiting for the weekend, finally it was The Sunday when I got to eat the famous burger. Sat in my Hyundai Santro, my butts tightly squeezed between my mother’s and sister’s, I waited for “the burger” to be delivered. It was already ten minutes to midnight and it had started drizzling. As the chilly breeze…

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The 22 Telltale Signs Why You Should Quit Your Job

  There was not a single morning during those six months when I would not wake up grumbling to myself. Every morning, five days a week, for six months, I would drag myself out of the bed into the bathroom. Every morning would look the same. Bathe and curse that bloody small mouth of the…

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