Tools: Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS
Project For: Internship at Arcelik Research Center for Creative Industries (Koć University-Turkey )
Collaborators: Anam Tahir, Damla Cay
Project Date: Summer 2016


This project was done to support the research work – Participatory Explorations on a Location Based Urban Information System, of my advisor Damla Cay.

Abstract. In this paper, we share our user research experiences from an ongoing participatory location based urban information system design study. While the geographical information system (GIS) field advanced by means of sensors, data collection and data processing, there is still a limited number of visualization studies. Here, we envision novel solutions that represent spatio-temporal data for effective use in daily life. With this intention in mind, as early stage studies in our research process, we conducted a series of participatory design (PD) workshops together with an ethnographic artifact, a custom sketchbook to identify user scenarios and explore possible visualization techniques. The main objective of the study is to explore new ways of visualizing and interacting with the complex location based data that will provide intuitive yet easier and more effective daily life information for the public.

Özge Genç, Damla Çay, Asım Evren Yantaç, Arçelik Research Center for Creative Industries, Koç University, Istanbul, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011


Based on the user research conducted I built 3 different prototypes using HTML and Google Map API, to be used in the user studies:

Project Detail, Github Repo

2.1 Prototype 1:

The circles show different events happening, size of the circle shows the density of the event, color shows the category
Timeline on the left expanded
Clicking on an event shows it's description

2.2. Prototype 2

Basic functionality was same as prototype 1, color scheme changed
Basic functionality was same as prototype 1, positioning of filters changed

2.3. Prototype 3

Zoom Level 1
Zoom Level 2
Zoom Level 3