Team Burhan Shah (TBS) is founded by Burhan Shah as a training and development institute with its operations in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad. It inspires the youth to inculcate skills of selling, effective communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, personnel management etc. in their personal and professional lives. TBS initiated with the philosophy, “Celebrate your failures“ to let people not fall prey to failure. Instead, it stimulates people to break conventional living patterns, defy barriers of success, change the status quo and unleash the power within them.

Our mission is to help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement, and make a course of action with you towards the achievement of your goals. To pursue our mission, we have thoughtfully developed a variety of training courses and events on the wide-ranging needs of individuals from every walk of life, including youth, professionals and organisations/institutions.Our unparalleled course curriculum covers the up-to-the-minute topics, proven self-development tools, experienced strategic practices; delivered in a way the audience can comprehend, implement and retain.

We offer open enrollment workshops and conferences, customized in-house programs with need base analysis, online courses for institutions, live webinars, self-study programs and personal coaching classes. TBS interventions are blended with theory, experiential learning, unbiased practices and lessons that relate you to the real world. And with all the crucial much-needed material in our interventions, you will witness the witty and melodious side of Burhan Shah and his team to keep you engaged, entertained and energized. Something rare to find elsewhere.

As a part of the team I facilitated 3 training events in lahore. Core responsibilities:

• Conduct workshops, conferences and customized in-house programs as a trainer
• Event management
• Event marketing