EK-QADAM was an initiative taken by us group of friends as a social action project to spread the knowledge and Learnings of the Young Leaders Conference we attended together.  

60% of Pakistan’s population is youth much of whom are absolutely clueless about what to do with their life. All our team members are currently undergrads and we have been through and are still struggling with this reality.

The underlying issue is the lack of career guidance facilities. Students don’t know who to talk to or whom to approach once they are done with matriculation or FSC. In most cases they only look for guidance in their family and in that case, guidance and exposure is restricted to the fields already practised in the family which prevents the student from exploring his own potential and interests.

With this long term vision we took this initiative by the name Ek-Qadam to help students in small districts and cities to discover their potential and follow their dreams.



Ek Qadam was established with the aim to provide direction to youth of Pakistan. Our team across the country share the mission of helping youth discover the endless career opportunities, breaking stereotypes and find their passion.

Ek Qadam’s team believes that if the potential, hard work, energy and motivation of our youth is channelized in the right direction we can unearth our own Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg. 


Following are the objectives Ek Qadam strives to achieve:
1. Enhance support to students in exploring possible career paths.
2. Create opportunities for students to network amongst each other.
3. Connect with seniors and seek their help.
4. Spreading awareness about the numerous scholarships and internships opportunities.
5. Smoothing out the process of university admissions for youth.
6. Encouraging youth to go for startups.
7. Spreading awareness about social media use
8. Personal mentorship and counselling.
9. 24-hour online guidance services via Facebook.